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It may be tempting to think that ‘Red exists’ means merely ‘Red is real’.

In fact, this could be distinctly appealing, for ‘real’ is what has been called an ‘excluder’ predicate, meaning thereby that it attributes nothing positive to Red, but operates in a purely negative fashion simply to exclude Red from being imaginary, mythical, fictional, and the like. To say that ‘exists’ meant ‘is real’ would be to say inter alia that it attributed nothing positive to Red; and that would do much to relieve our frustration at being so fluent in our use of ‘exists’ despite having no idea of its attributing anything positive to Red. It would be a relief to discover that ‘exists’ attributes nothing positive to him at all.

Unfortunately, this won't do; for among all the negatives that ‘is real’ might be applying to Red would be not only ‘not imaginary’, ‘not mythical’, etc., but also ‘not nonexistent’. Now, suppose a seer predicted that in two years that a son would be born to Green and Blue, and that he would be called 'Red'. When the prediction was finally fulfilled, we might imagine the seer announcing triumphantly ‘At last Red exists, exactly as I predicted he would’. If ‘exists’ were an excluder like ‘is real’, then the seer could only be understood as excluding something from Red; and in this case it would be non-existence. As said by the seer, therefore, ‘At last Red exists’ could only mean ‘At last Red is not-nonexistent’. And if he really were to mean that, we should be entitled to ask him just when Red could ever have been said to be nonexistent, i.e. never to have existed. In fact, before he existed Red could never even have been referred to, and hence at that time nothing at all could have been attributed to him, not even the property of being nonexistent. Promising as it may have seemed, therefore, ‘Redexists’ is not to be understood simply as ‘Red is real’.

"Adaptado de Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy"

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Vénus e Marte






Bica, café, pingo, pinga, garoto, curta, italiana, cimbalino etc.

É impressionante a quantidade de nomes que esta coisa tem!

No café, um grupo de senhoras pedia ao empregado diversos tipos de cafés: curtos, meio cheios, cheios, escaldadas, etc. Ele, ouvia atentamente e fazia sinais com a cabeça. Eu, pensava o quanto é impressionante a memória desta personagem que, no meio do barulho infernal do café, consegue fixar tantas possibilidades de um só pedido.
Depois de todas terem feito as suas exigências, ele, dirige-se ao balcão, que era bem junto á mesa onde eu estava e pede: Manel, 7 bicas!
Tunga, em cheio..fiquei curioso com o desenrolar da acção. De volta, junto ao grupo, lá começou ele a olhar de forma profissional para os cafés e a distribui-los com ar de missão cumprida: Ora este é o cheio, este é o escaldado para a querida aqui, este é curto, para si...

E todas beberam a sua bica, contentes de que afinal ainda há pessoas que ouvem os nossos pedidos e os cumprem... Rod Sterling diria: Welcome to the Twilight Zone!


Frase da semana

Até o Tiago Monteiro tem mais pontos que o Benfica!!!

PS: Eu sou benfiquista, mas achei esta uma delícia!


The Bridges of Madison County

No. No more secrets.

He kisses her hand. Betty is floored.

MICHAEL (cont'd)
Do I make you happy, Betty?
(she is stunned)
Because I want to. I want to more
than anything.

He gently kisses her cheek then embraces her. Betty -- for the
first time in her life -- is utterly speechless.


Wearing her mother's dress, Carolyn sits on the bed holding
the phone, waiting for Steve to pick up. In her other hand,
she holds the divorce lawyers card.

(on the phone)
Hi, Steve? It's me. Good. You?...
Listen, we have to talk... Well,
how about you?... Uh, no -- I've
decided I'm going to stay for a
while... I don't know how long...
No, I won't be coming back...
I'm not angry, Steve. I'm not angry
at all.



Michael and his family stand beside Carolyn and a Priest.

"I gave Lucy his photography book. If
you're interested, take a look. If my
words still leave something unclear,
perhaps his pictures can illuminate.
After all, that's what an artist does
best... "

Michael receives the urn from the priest. He and Carolyn walk
away from the group towards the bridge. They stop. Carolyn
removes the lip. Michael sets his mother's ashes free.

"I love you both with all my heart.
Do what you have to, to be happy in
this life. There is so much beauty."


Pequeninos...que nós somos!